Build Your Collection Embellishments

You may be curious about what we mean when we use the term “embellishments” in our classes. Embellishments can be anything you have laying around: beads, pieces of a board game that you don’t use anymore, stickers, pieces of ribbon, etc! Take a look around your home or workspace, and you will likely find plenty of small objects ready to be repurposed for your PeaceLove projects. We encourage the use of embellishments because we have found that objects can be a powerful tool to help you tell your story. Take a look at these photos for inspiration as your gather your own embellishments.

Small odds-and-ends such as mismatched puzzle pieces, buttons, sequins, beads, foam pieces, etc. all make great embellishments.

Another great way to collect embellishments is to take a nature walk and gather materials as you go. Leaves, twigs, acorns, seed pods, dried flowers, grasses, etc. are all great to add to your embellishment collection.

Once you begin looking for embellishments, they may start showing up in unexpected places. Check your junk drawers, the bottom of your children’s toy chest, or long forgotten boxes in the garage and you might find some objects ready to be repurposed in your PeaceLove projects.

When adding embellishments to your projects, you may need to experiment with different types of glue. A hot glue gun can come in handy for larger, oddly shaped items because it dries quickly – just be careful because the glue gun and hot glue can burn your fingers. Other options to try are tacky glue, fabric glue, or school glue.